Strategic Quality Life Plan and Deployment

by Adela Crandell Durkee

Do you ever consider applying a Strategic Quality Plan and Deployment for your personal life?  Consider what is most important in your life.  Is it family, faith, career, or security?  How do you go about nurturing and supporting all the things that are most important?

Make a Quality Plan, starting with your personal missions statement.  One way to do this is a bit macabre.  Think of yourself at your own funeral.  What do you wish people to say about you?  She was fully engaged with her family, friends, and colleagues.  He always looked on the bright side.  She worked hard and played hard.  He sure took care of his family.

From there, set some long-term objective, or a Big Plan.  Word your goals as if you have already achieved them: I have a bestseller published; I am the owner of a successful engineering business; I am in a leadership position in the company where I work; I lead the Youth Choir at my church; my income is six figures.

You already know the next step.  Set some short-term Goals:  annual or quarterly, or maybe as short as a month.

On a weekly basis, go back to your Big Plan, and your Goals.  Does your weekly Deployment schedule support and nurture your Big Plan?  If not, it’s time to re-focus and re-align your tasks and activities to support what you really want in life.

Engage your mind, body, and soul in your own life’s journey.  Looking back and seeing that you are exactly where you want to be is rewarding and empowering.

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