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The Section Leadership Committee (SLC) is comprised of volunteers from your section.  Feel free to contact them using the email addresses listed below.

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2017 SLC
Name E-mail
Arrangements Glenda Piefer
Assistant Arrangements Chair Dave Krasowski
Auditing James Sohn
Auditing Assistant Peter Larson
Awards James Schlichting
By Laws James Schlichting
Chair elect James Sohn
Chair Jeff Wright*
Education Edwin Rodriguez ER8472760550@GMAIL.COM
Education Assistant Kam Gupta
Historian Jim Sohn
Membership/ Database Sandra Storli
Nominating Regina Fullin
Par (SMP) Virginia Gibbs
Past Chair Regina Fullin
Placement David Norby
Program Chair Mahendran Ravichandran
Publicity Ravi Nadarajah Ravindrakumar
Re-Certification Merle Goddard merle_
Re-Certification Assistant Don Gatza
Secretary Amit Dave
Social Media Chair Michele Weir
Standards Study Group Donna Nash
Treasurer Joe Lierman
VOC Assistant Maddy Bradford
VOC Chair Martha Kadas