September 20 Pre-Meeting Clinic: “What’s New in ASQ”

This month’s pre-meeting clinic is a team presentation by three inspiring Section 1212 leaders on the Section Leadership Committee.  Building on Section 1212’s award-winning performance in “President’s Race to Retain,” Section 1212 is extending its reach to by accommodating the needs of younger Quality professionals.  The theme of their presentation, “What’s New for ASQ 1212’s Membership” will explain how Section 1212 intends to be a lead by example in spreading the word about ASQ and its benefits to young quality professionals.  Ann Blosser will discuss her plans to reach out to early-career Quality professionals through training opportunities.  Adela Crandell is excited to share her summer project: the newly refurbished ASQ1212 website.  She will show you how to navigate and how to sign yourself up for automatic updates and theASQ 1212 newsletter.  Time permitting, Adela will demonstrate just how easy it is submit a Quality Article for publication and get CUs towards re-certification. Gina Kotz will describe efforts that are underway to allow younger members who have family responsibilities to reach the section meetings remotely.  Don’t miss this information, as it is News you can Use!

Ann Schrier-Blosser

Deborah “Ann” Schrier-Blosser is a professed daughter of the Motor City. She was born near Detroit and loved manufacturing since the moment she first saw a moving assembly line on TV as a child. After leaving high school, her first real job was as Assistant to the Quality Manager at a die casting company.  Since that time, she became a true adherent to the Quality field.  Ann’s two passions in life are Quality and Education, since nothing in her opinion is more important in life than striving to learn and grow. She believes that the more we learn the, better we can impact and improve lives. Her hope is to spread her excitement about Quality and learning to everyone.  She is presently employed in a QA role at Zebra Technologies.

Gina Kotz

Gina Kotz has a B.A. in English and Spanish and is employed as Lead Technical Writer for the PACS product at GE Healthcare, where she creates supporting documentation for numerous software product rollouts.  She is a Certified Software Quality Engineer at ASQ, and recently came to the role of Virtual Attendance Coordinator for Section 1212 while the Section was contemplating ways to reach our membership, and she gladly volunteered.  Gina states that she appreciates a challenge, and enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies, and playing Frisbee golf.


Adela Crandell

Adela Crandell is a Wife/Mom/G-mom, Writer/Reader, Regulatory Affairs Professional, Quality Assurance Expert, Microbiologist/Chemist, Pest Control Specialist, Trained Tongue, Seamstress, Organizer, TV Watcher, Cook, Gardener, Bicycle enthusiast, Swimmer, Yoga practicer, Environmentalist, Techno-geek, arm-flailing Zumba dancer, and much, much more. Adela gave up nearly 30 years of corporate leadership in pharmaceutical manufacturing to find her way as a free-lance writer and consultant.  You can find her published works syndicated by,, (Voice of 2011 honoree,) PKA Advocate, and TribLocal.  Her soul is infused with health, science and quality principles, so you will see that side of her peaking through in all that she writes.  Visit her at and  She asks that you cross your fingers for her:  her first novel is in the “read” pile with a major publishing house.

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