October 18, 2012 Section Meeting: Innovation!

Presentation 1: Innovation EcoSystem, By William Beach

In today’s economy, innovation is more important than ever to survive and thrive. William Beach  director of the Heritage Foundation (a research and educational institution —a think tank) presents information from the Center for Policy Innovation (Heritage’s “think tank within a think tank”).  Units within creative companies and specific institutions that develop breakthrough ideas is the model for The Center for Policy Innovation. William Beach will focus on advancements, ideas, tools, and key forces needed to create an Innovation Ecosystem–an environment that encourages and promotes innovation. He will give an educational and inspirational synthesis of recent Innovation data, reports, and conferences/events in plain English! He will be highlighting research projects and recent findings, effective strategic planning and critical strategic goals, as well as the principles that promote innovation. Beach will comment on how today’s public policy problems affect/threaten innovation today and tomorrow. So, whether you’re a top-level executive or a person that wants your department or group to succeed, this will help you gain the latest innovation insights, strategies, and tools to position yourself for success!

Bill Beach

William Beach works for the Heritage Foundation, where he was inaugurated in April 2012 as Lazof Family Fellow. He is the think tank’s chief “number cruncher,” speaker/host for many conferences/events. Beach helps build analytical models as well as acquires them. Under Beach’s leadership, Heritage acquired one of the largest collections of privately held databases in the United States, as well as a variety of peer-reviewed analytical models. Together, these acquisitions allow the Center for Data Analysis (CDA) to produce some of the most sophisticated calculations done anywhere in the world. Because of his ability to distill complicated data into plain language with real-world examples, Beach is a reliable source for news reporters and a frequent guest on television and radio talk shows. He serves on the Economics Advisory Panel for ABC News.

Prior to joining Heritage in 1995, Beach held a variety of posts in the public, private and academic sectors. He served as a litigation economist with two Kansas City, Mo., law firms Campbell & Bysfield and Watson, Ess, Marshall & Enggas where he specialized in analyzing how antitrust legal remedies would alter product pricing and availability. Later, as an economist for Missouri’s Office of Budget and Planning, he designed and managed the state’s econometric model and advised the governor on revenue and economic issues. After a stint in the corporate headquarters of Sprint United Inc., Beach moved to the Washington, D.C., area to serve as president of the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University. A graduate of Washburn University in Topeka, Kan., Beach also holds a master’s degree in history and economics from the University of Missouri, Columbia.  He is a visiting fellow at Buckingham University in Great Britain.

Presentation 2:  The Innovation Solution:  Making Innovation More Pervasive, Predictable, and Profitable, By Praveen Gupta

While others talk about the known innovation problem, The Innovation Solution offers a well-researched, logical, and holistic understanding of the innovation process, taught for many years at several colleges and Universities. The 21st-century requires 21st-century solutions. In his presentation, Praveen Gupta provides an easy-to-understand powerful innovation framework for anyone interested in learning about innovation and striving for success at the personal or organizational level. More than that, it demonstrates that innovation skills can be taught and learned for pursuing one’s passion and growth.  Gupta has recognized that Innovation is a learned skill, and he has applied Einstein’s revolutionary work correlating innovation as a function of ones speed of thought to develop his overall framework. Known as Breakthrough Innovation (or Brinnovation), this framework has joined strategies for success, the rule of two, management techniques, measures, return on innovation, and a curriculum to jumpstart an innovation initiative and the powerful TEDOC method (Target, Explore, Develop, Optimize, and Commercialize). Gupta has designed the Brinnovation framework to make innovation more pervasive, predictable, and profitable.

Praveen Gupta

Praveen Gupta is the author of several books including Business Innovation in the 21st Century, The Innovation Solution, A Complete and Balanced Service Scorecard, and Stat Free Six Sigma. Praveen has worked at Motorola in pioneering the Six Sigma deployment method, and taught professionals worldwide. Praveen has done extensive work in teaching and achieving excellence, and is presently focused on teaching and deploying innovation. Praveen has written about 200 monthly columns on Excellence and on innovation.  Praveen is the Director of the Center for Innovation Science and Applications (CISA) at the Illinois Institute of Technology (a collaboration between industry and academia to further develop the science of innovation with global participation).

Praveen taught Operations Management at DePaul University’s MBA program. He teaches Business Innovation at Illinois Institute  pf Technology (IIT) and University of Illinois, Chicago. Besides teaching innovation, Praveen is president of Accelper Consulting (www.accelper.com), a Management Consulting firm helping organizations achieve profitable growth through excellence and innovation. He has consulted with about 100 Start Ups to Fortune 100 companies.  Praveen often speaks at conferences or meetings internationally on the topics of Six Sigma, Process Excellence, Business Scorecard, and Business Innovation. He is the founding editor of the International Journal of Innovation Science launched in February 2009, and founding Chair of Business Innovation Conference starting since 2008.

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