ISO Support Group Minutes by Dave Taylor

Five members attended the meeting on October 4, 2012:  Dave Spengler, Bill Sherman, Jan Agostinelli, Alice Chang, Peter Larson and Dave Taylor.

We Met at Adinas, in Vernon Hills, which proved a good location. They had live music playing, but would not have this going forward.

Continuing our study of ISO 19011 2011 Guideline for auditing Management Systems, we reviewed Section 7 Competence and Evaluation of Auditors, 7.1 General and 7.2 Determining Auditor Competence. We rated the sections of the standard on how effective it would be in providing a good audit. The ratings are recorded by Dave Spengler.

Bill Sherman is doing “road trips” in downstate Illinois. One of the problem he experiences is that some of the locations registered with the FDA are closed, but the FDA records still have them on the roster.

Dave Spengler is exploring future options with his employer as he is nearing retirement. Right now he is doing contract review and is revising the database of active parts.

Dave Taylor reported an audit conducted at an electronics manufacturer in Palatine.

Our next two meetings will be held at 6:00 on Thursday Nov. 1 and Dec. 6 2012. We will continue our study of ISO 19011:2011 Guideline for auditing Management Systems. The November meeting will be held at Adinas on Route 45, just SE of Dover Straits. Phone (847-918-9060)

As always, a pleasurably yummy meal will be served for $5.00 (free for members searching for a position), the balance being funded by ASQ section 1212 Northeast Illinois. The public is always invited and we welcome your questions about ISO or other standards. Let me know if you have particular subjects to discuss. Contact Dave Taylor at if you have any questions or need directions.

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