January 17 th Council on Competitiveness: 2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index 7:30-8:30 P.M.


Jack McDougle is flying in from Washington DC to give you a first-hand look at their 2013 Manufacturing study. The Council on Competitiveness, in collaboration with Deloitte, just released the 2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index. The Index, gathering data from more than 500 CEOs and senior manufacturing executives around the world, is part of the Council’s multi-year effort to better respond to the trends creating a hyper-competitive global manufacturing environment. This presentationwill use the results from the Index to look at the highly complex forces driving the future of manufacturing and many of the structural changes reshaping the global economy.

Jack McDougle is a Senior Vice President at the Council on Competitiveness, Council on Competitivenessan alliance of CEOs, university presidents, national laboratory directors and labor leaders, where he leads the U.S. Manufacturing Initiative. Previously, Jack was Senior Vice President for Strategy and Business Development at United Elite Technologies, where he created business strategies for small technology companies. Jack served as Deputy Undersecretary for Economic Affairs at the U.S. Department of Commerce where he oversaw various programs, including efforts to turnaround the 2010 Census. He also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Industry Analysis, developing programs to improve the global competitive position of U.S. firms. Jack speaks regularly on economic, competitiveness, manufacturing, regulatory, and trade issues, and has been featured on PBS News Hour and in many print publications. He earned his MBA at Northeastern University and his BA at New England College.

The council on Competitiveness is the only group of corporate CEOs university presidents and labor leaders committed to the future prosperity of all Americans and enhanced U.S competitiveness in the global economy through  high-value economic activity in the United States. It is dedicated to setting an action agenda to drive U.S. economic competitiveness and leadership in global markets and believes the best way to drive prosperity in a global economy is to have the most competitive workforce and business environment go to: http://www.compete.org  The Council helps shape the national debate on competitiveness by concentrating on evaluating economic challenges and opportunities some of the few critical issues including Key U.S. competitiveness issues and Initiatives are: Energy Security, Innovation & Sustainability; Enterprise Resilience; Global Innovation; High Performance Computing (HPC); National Innovation; Regional Innovation; Benchmarking.

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