January, 2013 Minutes of ISO Support Group Meeting

Four members attended the meeting on January 3, 2013 at the Adinas in Vernon Hills. In attendance were Dave Spengler, Ron Bateman, Regina Fullen, and Dave Taylor.

We Met at Adinas, in Vernon Hills.

We read ISO 19011:2011 Guideline for Auditing Management Systems. We reviewed selections from Appendix A “guidance and illustrative examples of discipline-specific knowledge and skills of auditors”. Next month we will begin reviewing appendix “B Additional guidance for auditors for planning and conducting audits”.

In the Round Robin:

Dave Spengler is planning on retiring next year. He is working on a program to pass on his knowledge of braising and hi-tech soldering by that time.

Ron Bateman had a very good customer service story of a company who sold and delivered a treadmill he had purchased for his wife. It seems the unit was too large to carry into his basement where he was intending on using it. So the delivery crew dismantled the treadmill and reassembled it in the basement. He then discovered it wasn’t the model he had ordered but an upgrade costing more. The company assured him that it was their mistake and he could keep the upgraded model at no additional cost. The company’s name is Proform. They are in Utah.

The next two meetings will be will be held on February and March 7 3, 2013.

We will review appendix “B of the guidelines of ISO 19011:2011 Guideline for auditing Management Systems. The meetings will be held at Adinas on Route 45, just SE of Dover Straits. Phone (847-918-9060)

As always, we enjoyed a satisfying, succulent meal for $5.00 (free for members searching for a position), the balance funded by ASQ section 1212 Northeast Illinois. The public is always invited and we welcome your questions about ISO or other standards. Let me know if you have particular subjects to discuss. Contact Dave Taylor at if you have any questions or need directions.

Dave Taylor


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