Minutes of March ISO Meeting

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Minutes of March ISO Support Group Meeting


Six members attended the meeting on March 7, 2013 at the Adinas in Vernon Hills:  Dave Spengler, Regina Fullen, Ron Bateman, Bill Sherman, Peter Larsen and Dave Taylor.

We finished our review of ISO 19011:2011 Guideline for Auditing Management Systems, Appendix B , “Additional guidance for auditors for planning and conducting audits”.  We tentatively decided to start next month with The American Petroleum Institute’s Q1. This is a set of ISO 9001 add-ons.  This is next review is not written in stone, so if someone has another idea, we would certainly be interested in your suggestion. Email me at the address below with your suggestions.

In the Round Robin:

Ron Bateman’s company is in a problem-solving situation regarding a valve failure for one of their products in the field. Although the customer admits serious overloading of the unit, the customer’s customer insists that the company used a less than ideal steel alloy. The company has agreed to this, but it has been a struggle to make the change quickly.

Dave S is now documenting “Best Practices” for Brazing and soldering at his company. These can be used for standardization and training.  In addition, he is involved with a project related to Boeing’s Dreamliner grounding until the FAA approves a fix.  He is under a lot of pressure to come up with solutions which means his job is more fun!

Regina ‘s company did exceptionally well in her audit by the government auditors in Brazil!

Peter’s company had a very successful ISO 16485 audit.

Bill went on vacation to Tucson and attended a “rock” (geology) show there. He sent the rest of us pictures of some beautiful stones,

Dave Taylor had a report from his Mechatronics schooling at the College of Lake County.

The next two meetings will be will be held on and April 4, and May 2, 2013.

We will review a new standard or guideline. Most likely The American Petroleum Institute’s Q1. But if you have an alternative,please Email me with your suggestions. The meetings will be held at Adinas on Route 45, just SE of Dover Straits. Phone (847-918-9060)

As always, a nicely succulent meal will be served for $5.00 (free for members searching for a position), the balance being funded by ASQ section 1212 Northeast Illinois. The public is always invited and we welcome your questions about ISO or other standards. Let me know if you have particular subjects to discuss. Contact Dave Taylor at if you have any questions or need directions.






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