Thursday, June 20th Pre-Meeting Clinic: Eighth Annual Putting Contest and Statistics with David Taylor (5:00 –6:30 pm)

golf ballJoin us for some networking fun, and learn something too! Enjoy an exciting Pre-Clinic featuring a Putting Contest at the Buffalo Grove Arboretum Club’s golf course; with lots of fun and networking opportunities, all in support of a little data analysis. Our meeting room doors open to the practice green where we’ve set out mini-putting contest. The green will be open at 5:00, so feel free to start your “official” try anytime before 5:45. Bring your own putter – or use one provided.  We furnish the balls.  Plan to cheer for your ASQ buddies and enjoy the time together.

Proving that statistical exercises is both and educational, our Pre-Meeting Clinic speaker, Dave Taylor, will then lead us through a statistical analysis of golf scores. Prizes include a “Beat the Pro” award as well as the “Hardest Working Golfer.” We look forward to seeing you there!


An animation of a full golf swing displaying t...

An animation of a full golf swing displaying the appropriate and professional technique. Each of the 9 frames in the animation are based on this image. The animation was made in both Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe ImageReady. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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