Minutes of June ISO Support Group Meeting

Three members attended the meeting on D-Day June 6, 2013 at the Adinas in Vernon Hills: Dave Spengler, Regina Fullin, and Dave Taylor.

We finished our review of The American Petroleum Institute’s Q1. This is a set of ISO 9001 add-ons.

We could not come up with a new standard to review and so decided to suspend ISO Support Group meetings till further notice,

In the Round Robin:

Regina had a supplier abandon ISO 13945 (A GE requirement) and didn’t notify their customers. She is doing internal audits according to schedule, but parent company has asked for more audits.

Dave S”s company is having problems with contract Reviews, resulting in delayed shipments. He is still planning to retire on Groundhog Day next year.

Dave Taylor is still enrolled in Mechatronics schooling at the College of Lake County. He is on the school’s Honor role for the Spring Semester.

There will be no meting in the foreseeable future. If you have a suggestion for renewing meetings contact Dave Taylor at

Dave Taylor