Because December is the Season of Giving, it’s fitting to feature a Nonprofit organization for our end-of-year meeting.  Our December speaker, John Schmelzel, fits the bill.  John is Site Supervisor at Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), a charity that delivers food aid worldwide.  He will tell our group of how FMSC was able to overcome the special challenges associated with a nonprofit organization that delivers food aid.  John will give an overview of the state of world hunger, and why his organization exists.  He will also teach our group something about the food products distributed at FMSC, and how they deliver cost-effective, quality nutrition to the severely malnourished. John will give an overview of the quality and safety programs in his organization, including the regulatory requirements of operating a food plant, was well as the challenges and rewards of working with a high-turnover, volunteer workforce.  There will be lots to learn for both quality neophytes, and seasoned veterans!

John Schmelzel

John Schmelzel

John Schmelzel spent 30 years in the telecommunications industry, working for Nortel Networks and Ericsson, 2 telecom infrastructure providers. He started in Finance and Accounting, moved into Marketing, then Sales Support and finally Sales. Mr. Schmelzel joined Feed My Starving Children, a Christian non-profit in September, 2012.  He manages the newest permanent site in FMSC in Libertyville, IL.

When first assigned to the site,  Schmeizel found the facility a barren shell, in an empty, fifty-plus-year-old warehouse building.  Eight weeks later, when the contractors finished  construction, John went to work hiring and training a staff. It took one week for the staff to move in with their equipment, and two weeks later, after staging a practice session with friends and family, the facility opened to the public.  The facility has been operational since.

Mr. Schmelzel has a BA from the University of Illinois – Urbana, and an MBA from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

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