Were getting the Band back together!

Two recent events have coincided to motivate me to attempt to reconvene the ASQ 1212’s ISO study group. The first is the planned revision of ISO 9001 in the fall of next year and the second is the inclusion of Risk Management in the new ISO9001:2015. It also should be noted that the ISO risk management guideline is different for medical device companies (ISO 14971) and other manufacturers (ISO 31000).

After some discussion with the Section Leadership Committee, I have designed a meeting plan for this year and the next.

1. First, we will meet to study and discuss the similarity and differences between the two risk management guidelines.
2. Second, we will study the new final draft of ISO9001:2015 to be released this fall.

I plan to meet at the Royal Cantonese restaurant (across the street from Dover Straits, where we are currently having our section meetings), Meeting will be the first Thursday of the month with the first meeting to be held on Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 6:00 PM.

I you plan to attend, send me an email (kolimat@yahoo.com) with “newiso” in the subject line. I will send out an official announcement on Jan 29.

Dave Taylor