Are You Ready To Re-certify?

When you are ready to recertify, you can send your completed Recertification Journal with supporting documentation to your Section Recertification Chair or Recertification Assistant.

Dee Miranda (ASQ Section 1212 Recertification Assistant)
(224) 270-3440

Don Gatza (ASQ Section 1212 Recertification Assistant)
(224) 286-1020

Merle Goddard (ASQ Section 1212 Recertification Chair)
(847) 404-1386

Please check the ASQ website for recertification requirements, current fees, and to download a current recertification journal.

Note that you only need 18 RU’s to recertify.  In order to keep costs down, please submit only the documentation needed to exceed 18 RU’s.

When emailing PDF’s of your documentation, please include “ASQ Recertification” in the subject line.  Retain a copy of your recertification documentation until you receive your new certificate (or confirm your recertification via the “My Certifications” section when logged in at