May 15 Pre-Meeting Clinic: Plant Tour of the North Shore Sanitary District

BE COUNTED!  If attending this plant tour, on William Koepsel Drive, Gurnee, please register using the following Weblink:  This is the same Weblink for meeting registration.  Please indicate on the form whether you are attending the meeting  (This month, located at the In-Laws Restaurant), the Plant Tour, or both.

The North Shore Sanitary District (District) owns and operates three advanced sewage treatment plants (STPs) in Lake County, Illinois, which service over 300,000 customers.  These three plants have a combined design capacity of 63.4 million gallons per day.  The District also owns and operates a state of the art accredited laboratory located at its Gurnee Administration Building.  The laboratory performs multimedia analyses for conventional pollutants, metals, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, and biological analyses.

Please remember that District facilities contain hazards inherent to industrial sites.  Tour groups will be limited to 25 people.  The first tour begins at 3:00 p.m. and the last tour begins at 4:00 p.m.  Tours last approximately 30 minutes.  For further information, please see the North Shore Sanitary District Website, Tour participants are required to follow the safety guidelines listed below.

Wear proper clothing (no shorts, skirts, tank tops, heels, sandals, or other open toed shoes).

No running or horseplay.

No cameras or binoculars.

MP3 players, cell phones, and other electronic devices must be turned off.

Do not touch equipment, push buttons, or go beyond any type of barriers (cones, warning tape, etc.)

Never lean, sit, or climb on rails or covers of tanks.

Stay with the tour guide at all times.

No food or drink.

Map and Tour Directions:  

The North Shore Sanitary District’s processing plant is located at 750 Wm. Koepsel Drive in Gurnee. Since many maps do not have this street, it is located at the southwest corner of Washington Avenue and O’Plaine Avenue (County road W-20 on map). The Plant is located at the A marker and the route to the In Laws Restaurant(our meeting/dinner venue) is indicated at the B marker.

A is North Shore Sanitary District. B is the In Laws Restaurant

A is North Shore Sanitary District.
B is the In Laws Restaurant


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