May 15, 2014 Main Presentation: Learn About your Sanitary District


 In our American society, sanitation for handling of wastewater is often taken granted.   It isn’t until an issue with our sewers arise that we become concerned with this vital utility.  This is because Americans have a well-developed infrastructure designed to handle our liquid waste needs, and because of the quality programs implemented at the utility level to ensure a healthy, safe populace.Brian Dorn, P.E. will add historical perspective to the plant tour at the North Shore Sanitation district in this month’s Main Presentation.  In it, attendees will hear a brief history of the North Shore Sanitation District, and get a feel for the District’s challenges and goals going forward.  The North Shore Sanitary District is the second largest sanitary district in the state of Illinois.  It owns and operates three advanced sewage treatment plants, over 100 miles of interceptor sewer, nine raw sewage pumping stations, and a Biosolids Recycling Facility in Lake County, Illinois, which service over 300,000 customers.  These three plants have a combined design capacity of 63.4 million gallons per day and can generate 187 wet tons of biosolids per day.

As taxpayers and users of the system, this is an opportunity to understand the workings of vital infrastructure that safeguards public health. 

Brian Dorn, P.E.

Brian Dorn, P.E.

Brian Dorn has 35 years of professional engineering experience in both the private and public sectors.  He has been employed by the North Shore Sanitary District (District) in a variety of capacities since 1989.  In May 2005, Mr. Dorn was appointed the District’s General Manager, overseeing approximately 100 employees whose mission is to protect the environment and people in the communities served by the District, through the construction, operation, and maintenance of quality wastewater treatment facilities.  Mr. Dorn reports directly to the District’s five-member Board of Trustees.

Mr. Dorn earned a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the states of Illinois and Wisconsin.

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