June 19, 2014 Main Presentation: Quality By Design

Continuing with the theme of statistics, our distinguished presenter Dr. Wayne Taylor will present on Design of Experiments and Quality by Design.

The first step in demonstrating that a process that consistently produces good product is to design a process that consistently produces good product.  When this happens, the demonstration should proceed smoothly.  Some tools for designing a process for consistently good product include Design of Experiments, Capability Studies and Tolerance Analysis.  A detailed case study illustrating use of each of these tools will be presented, using the example case of design for a high-precision packaging sealer.

Dr. Wayne Taylor

Dr. Wayne Taylor

Dr. Wayne Taylor is an Accredited Professional Statistician, and he is Founder and Chairman of the private statistical consulting firm, Taylor Enterprises, Inc. (www.variation.com),  where he is responsible for the development of the VarTran®, Change-Point Analyzer, Sampling Plan Analyzer and Distribution Analyzer software packages as well as providing consulting and training on the Six Sigma approach and tools including Robust Design, Tolerance Analysis, Design of Experiments, SPC, Acceptance Sampling, and Statistics. 

Dr. Taylor received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Purdue University.  He is a fellow of the American Society for Quality as well as a member of the American Statistical Association.

In 2000, Dr. Taylor retired from his position as Director of Quality Technologies at Baxter Healthcare Corporation where he was responsible for Baxter’s Six Sigma program.  He and his staff have trained over 800 of Baxter’s engineers to serve as Six Sigma black belts.  He had been with Baxter for 22 years.

He is author of the books Optimization and Variation Reduction in Quality and Guide to Acceptance Sampling.  Dr. Taylor is the leading expert on acceptance sampling in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics industries.  His articles on selecting statistically valid sampling plans have become standards in the industry and are used by the FDA in their new inspector training.  He has taught his 2-day course Successful Acceptance Sampling to over 5,000 students and 50 companies including the CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) of the FDA.

Dr. Taylor is also a leading expert in Process Validation.  He is author of Annex A of the Global Harmonization Task Force guideline titled Process Validation Guidance for Process Validation Engineers.

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