September 18 Pre-Meeting: The Red Bead Experiment

Please join us in September at  Dover Straits, 890 East US Highway 45, Mundelien, IL.

Quality Guru W. Edwards Deming made history when he first presented his “Red Bead Experiment” to demonstrate how various factors in the workplace impact quality.  In a moving reprise of this famous demonstration, Charles Mages will teach lessons that will inspire you to identify the things in your workplace that just “don’t make sense.”

Charles Mages is a recent retiree, who has worked in myriad Quality areas over his career. Charles worked most recently in the medical diagnostic device industry, but previously he worked in Quality in cellular infrastructure, land mobile products, automotive and computer industries.  He worked for large companies such as Abbott, Control Data, Motorola and Northern Telecom. His quality experience includes Quality Analyst, Quality Engineering, Software Quality Release Management and Performance Analysis and Capacity planning.

Charles’s significant background in these varied industries will ensure that no matter your technological background, a take-home lesson is in store once you participate in this demonstration.