Thursday December 18th Pre-Meeting Clinic: Quality Celebration

christmasbells10Please join us in our annual Quality Celebration as we look back on the year with warm hearts with a lively networking session with fellow Quality professionals.  Our Quality Celebration will focus on the “Season of Giving” by highlighting a charitable cause and participation in holiday gift-giving.

This years’ highlighted charity is the American Red Cross.  As you know, the American Red Cross helps many people in need, and their influence extends beyond U.S. borders.  During our Quality Celebration, we are asking willing participants to contribute to a group fund-raise effort to the American Red Cross, from ASQ Section 1212.  It will be fun to see that, everyone’s small contributions, when pooled together can really add up to a generous sum of money raised by our organization, which will make a difference in the health and well-being of individuals.  Don’t forget to get your employers to match, if you work for an organization that matches contributions.

Second, ASQ Section 1212 has its annual “White Elephant” gift exchange.  This is an opportunity to re-gift something that is not useful to you, but might be useful to someone else.  So go through those closets!  While you create space for all those wonderful gifts you’ll accumulate over the holidays, you’ll no doubt find something that is gift-worthy.


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