November, 2014 Meeting Feedback


We aim to improve your meeting experience.  For that reason, Last month we polled attendees following the November Meeting.  Here are your results.

Mini-Survey Results
Category Mean
quality of event 4.705882353
scope of info 4.558823529
usefulness of info 4.441176471
Presentation quality 4.705882353
Overall meeting value 4.235294118
Motivational experience? 4.294117647


Categories rated on a scale of 1-5, with 5 indicated the highest satisfaction level.

Comments received:

Great topic; is of use to me to include in my knowledge base. Very nice presentation. Presenter (Dan Burrows) knowledgeable and confident. Nice pace.
Nice to see something other than a medical-oriented presentation
Please send out this presentation to meeting attendees.
Good foundational information. Good examples and definitions. He was a pleasant presenter.
Great job staying on time!   Interesting topic. Good Speaker. Thanks.
Appreciated the relevant, technical info.