ISO Discussion Group, Held April 2, 2015

English: A graph of the FMEA process

English: A graph of the FMEA process (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seven members attended the meeting on April 2, at The Royal Cantonese in Vernon Hills: Donna Nash,Larry Norton, David Norby,Byron Brant,Robert Gould, Glen Aiese and Dave Taylor,

We discusses An FMEA developed by Donna for Training in her company on “how to build an Ice cream sundae. It was delicious!

Next time we plan to discuss an event tree and fault tree analysis.

Also, members should peruse info on ASQ’s website

that reviews information about ISO 9000:2015.

The next Two meetings will be will be held on May 7 and June 4, 2015 at the Royal Cantonese in Vernon Hills. Across the street from Dover Straits. 

As always, attendees get a tasty meal for $5.00 (free for members searching for a position), the balance being funded by ASQ section 1212 Northeast Illinois. The public is always invited and we welcome your questions about ISO or other standards. Let Dave Taylor know if you have particular subjects to discuss.  Contact him at <> if you have any questions or need directions or copies of standards.

English: Fault tree diagram.

English: Fault tree diagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)