May 21, 2015: The Value of Recertification and On-site Recertification Reviews

If you are interested in Re-certification, be sure to attend the May meeting at Dover Straits in Mundelein.

One of the most important services Section 1212 offers it’s members is assisting in their recertification of ASQ certifications. As an ASQ certified Quality Professional, the recertification process is three years between renewals. Some quality professionals view the recertification process as time consuming.  They are unsure of what documentation is required, and assume it is difficult to assemble.  This presentation will take the guesswork out of what documents to collect, when to collect them, how to assemble the recertification package and provide helpful tips for addressing gaps in Recertification Units (RUs). The presentation will address two key areas. The first is identifying the recertification package of information you need to collect, documentation requirements and the process for assembly and submission for review by our Recertification Chair. A key part of this is improving your understanding of how many recertification units are granted for a given activity. For example, did you know that by participating in the Section Leadership Committee you can obtain 1.5 RUs per year of committee participation? The second part of the presentation is a process overview of how to synchronize multiple certifications into a single recertification package. We have some ideas to share about how to make this a simple, one step process.

5:30 – 6:00 PM Dave Taylor will explain the benefits of certification and why re-certification is important.Dave Taylor

We’ll break for networking and dinner from 6:00 – 7:00 PM.

 7:00 – 8:00 Don Gatza and  will explain the recertification process. He looks forward assisting you with your customized package for submission. Bring your packages to be reviewed!   Recertification only takes a minimum of time to do ‘on the spot’.

Plan to join us to gain knowledge on how to develop a personal process improvement for your recertification efforts. Both of these men have decades of experience.