June 18, 2015: Summer Picnic, Putting Contest, and Statistics

Miniature golf — putter, golf ball, and sandals

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The June 2014 ASQ Section 1212 meeting is at the Arboretum Club in Buffalo Grove, IL, on Route 22

The Arboretum Club | 401 Half Day Road | Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089 | Phone 847.913.9112 | Fax 847.913.1344 | info@ArboretumClub.com​

Please sign up by e-mailing  asq1212reservations@yahoo.com.  If joining our group for a buffet dinner $25.00 refundable with 24 hours notice.  Please be sure to include which sessions you plan to attend:

Putting Contest (anytime between 5:00 and 5:45 P.M.):  Free

Dinner and Networking (6:00 – 7:00):  $25

Let’s Talk Metrics and Statistics (7:00 – 8:00 P.M.):  Free

Join us for some networking fun, and learn something too! Enjoy an exciting Pre-Clinic featuring a Putting Contest at the Buffalo Grove Arboretum Club’s golf course; with lots of fun and networking opportunities, all in support of a little data analysis. Our meeting room doors open to the practice green where we’ve set out mini-putting contest. The green will be open at 5:00, so feel free to start your “official” try anytime before 5:45. Bring your own putter – or use one provided.  We furnish the balls.  Plan to cheer for your ASQ buddies and enjoy the time together.

Retire to the air-conditioned banquet room and enjoy a buffet picnic

After some time on the green, we will prove that statistical exercises can be both informative, educational and fun, through statistical analyses insights of Kuldeep Uppal.

At 6:30, Kuldeep will give us an overview of Statistics and the impact to industry, with a focus on the Cost of Not Doing it Right. We’ll learn about the human and direct monetary impact. Kuldeep will explain the distinctions between statistics and metrics, and the difference between the two disciplines.  He’ll also help us understand why both are important.

Kuldeep may use our golf data as a practical example of metrics and statistics and why the distinctions are important.

Kuldeep is a Certified Project Management Professional who has a B.S, in Biostatistics from University of Illinois, Chicago. He is a former Statistician at Abbott Labs, and currently consults in software development at the companies he leads, Seeneysoft, elect1.org, and official1.org.