November 19, 2015 Meeting: Creating Balance Your Way

We have a Special Two-Part Presentation This Month by Steve Reeder


Pre-meeting Clinic 5:30 – 6:00 pm): Your Values, Tasks, and Distractors.

Main Program (7:00 – 8:00 p.m.): Creating Balance – Your Way

It’s a pleasure to have Steven as a speaker.
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Due to its unique and important nature, we will do the pre-work during the pre-meeting clinic and continue to the main presentation during the regular meeting. Although valuable separately, the two programs work together, so please come for both.

The Holiday season is fast approaching. We want to create plans to do things that energize us during the Holidays. We might have plans to travel, shop, decorate, celebrate, and count the blessings with our loved ones.

Throughout the year, and especially during the holidays, we also face the dilemma of creating a balance between work and life that keeps us productive and energized, both at work and away. We want to harmonize ourselves in such a way that we are always positively charges, if we can help it.

Some of us are able to do just that. Live a healthy, purposeful and joyous life. If you are one of those, please come and share how you do it. If you want to have such a life, please come and learn how we all can do that this Holiday season.

Corporations spend or invest an untold amount of money and resources in making their workers, or employees, happy and motivated, so they can produce more. A few are able to meet that, resulting in great quality and customer happiness. Others continue to change the flavors of their programs and resource base in the pursuit of their goals.

Your wish to create a balance or harmony in various aspects of your life is within your reach. See how new discoveries and understandings are making such an outcome possible.

Steve ReederSteven Reeder, our speaker this month, is an accomplished and certified professional coach. Steve, will use many interactive exercises and situations to show us how we can make life livable, workable, and enjoyable – all at the same time. His special exercises about understanding our values, have-to and want-to situations, and possible blocks will awaken the sleeping energies inside us all.

According to Steven, two things in life strike him to the core: rock and roll, and personal growth and development. Electric guitars move his outer body, while the pursuit of wisdom and discernment moves his inner body. This balance of outer and inner passion has been a core motivating force since childhood.

Steve Reeder is a graduate of iPEC institute of coaching and holds certificates in Professional Coaching and Energy Leadership.

Steve is an active proponent of joyful living. Steve is the founder of U Line coaching and writes for various online publications. He has over 20 years of experience in providing support and customer service with Walt Disney resorts, Deutsche Financial, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Abbott and AbbVie.

Steve synthesizes aspects of theology, science, training and development to present practical, tangible material that is immediately applicable to life for instant impact. Steven provides his clients an atmosphere of stability, balance, patience and protection to help them plug into the life they REALLY want.



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