ISO Discussion Group, November 2015

Five members attended the October meeting: Donna Nash, Virginia Gibbs, Regina Fullen, David Norby, and Dave Taylor,
We began (Finally) with a copy of the ACTUAL Standard (Woo Woo!) The Section bought a paper copy of the actual standard, and Dave Taylor (me) made paper copies to use in the meetings. I don’t plan to hand out copies for people to use at their work, as I have done in the past as that probably violates the copyright.
In the meeting we reviewed the new standard thru section 4.4, “Context of the organization” We were struck by the vast difference from the 2008 version and the difference from the FDIS.
Donna volunteered to create a new cross reference from 2008 for the next meeting.
Also to be discussed is changing the meeting room to CLC in Vernon Hills or Greyslake. or Loyola in Vernon Hills.
And the, the next meeting will be will be held, on December 3 ,2015 at the Royal Cantonese in Vernon Hills. Across the street from Dover Straits.
US-IL-Chicagoland-Vernon Hills

US-IL-Chicagoland-Vernon Hills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As always, an extremely tasty pleasant-tasting meal will be served for $5.00 (free for members searching for a position), the balance being funded by ASQ section 1212 Northeast Illinois. The public is always invited and we welcome your questions about ISO or other standards. Let me know if you have particular subjects to discuss.  ContactDave Taylor at <> if you have any questions or need directions or copies of standards.  

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