Thoughts from the Chair, January 2016

Greetings 1212ers! Today I received my message from ASQ Community Development, from ASQ Headquarters, which reminds me that my new responsibilities as Chair are now upon me!

As you know, the Mission of this section is to serve its membership, and to promote Quality as a profession in the world. To that end, our section flourishes when people work together to achieve goals together – and it’s fun! Additionally, the professional relationships forged will help you to build your career.

With the New Year, changes are afoot, and we look forward to the expertise of Michelle Weir, who has graciously volunteered to become 1212’s new Social Media Chair in 2016. Welcome Michelle! We look forward to your ability to energize up-and coming Quality professionals with your social medial magic! The other change, as I move into the Chair’s post, is a need to identify a volunteer for Programs. I honestly believe that I could not have become the Chair without the great contacts I made in Programs, so this is a fantastic opportunity for any willing participant.

As always, any members interested in participating in the Section 1212 leadership are invited to attend our SLC (Section Leadership Committee) meetings on the 2nd Thursday of the month, at Dover Straits, at 6:00 p.m. Please come and share your talents, and do as much or as little that you are comfortable to contribute. This is a team effort.

I am looking forward to a fruitful and career-enhancing New Year. I hope you are too.

Regina Fullin, your section Programs chair.

Regina Fullin, your 2016 Chair

Regina Fullin