Meet Mahendran Ravichandran


Mehenran Ravichandran

Mahendran Ravichandran is our new Programs chair. He is now a Quality Program Manager at Abbie. specializing in combination products.

Mahendran has over 8 years of experience in new product development of medical devices and combination products. He started off his career as a product development engineer in R&D for medical devices. He has experience with taking several new products from cradle to grave ensuring compliance with FDA regulations.

Mahendran earned a MS in Biomedical Engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He is a member of ASQ and has a Six Sigma Green Belt, CQE and CQA certifications.

Mahendran is behind adding a Contact button on the right sidebar and at the bottom of this post, so people interested in speaking can easily volunteer.  If you’d like to speak, or you have a recommendation or idea, please contact Mehendran:

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