April Thoughts from the Chair, by Regina Fullin

DSC06168It’s April and April brings us so many things to anticipate!

We expect Springtime and better weather in our climate.

We also look forward to the coming of World Conference in Milwaukee, from May 15 through May 18. 

I also have good news:

Section 1212 will be honored at the conference!

ASQ’s Performance Awards & Recognition (PAR) committee has awarded Section 1212 with Silver award recognition for meeting good standing requirements and meeting or exceeding Member Leader Engagement and Retention and Growth metrics.

Additional good news;

Our Regional Director, Steven Schuelka, achieved ASQ Fellow

for his championing quality improvement and for his educational achievements to the Statistics Division and the Illiana section.    His achievements are well-deserved.

Please remember, that we urge you to treat an executive to April’s section meeting. Dinner is on us: There is no charge for the dinner for your executive leader guests.

Springtime Joy,


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