ASQ 1212 Membership Meeting: September 15, 2016

Come join us for Dinner and two great speakers. Just click the link below to register for the event at Dover Straits in Mundelein.

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 Pre-Dinner Speaker:  Danny O’Rourke Learn from me, why you likely need to spend at least a little more time maintaining your career.

If you purchased a new $20,000 car to find out that the manufacturer and the service company didn’t have a list of preventive maintenance that one should get performed, ehat would you think?  Would you think.
, what kind of idiot is in charge of this?

How about the CEO of your career?  What kind of preventive maintenance list did he or she have for you?

Maybe that list comprises of:

  1.  Do as good of a job as you can today, without killing somebody, and hope your manage never forgets and always rewards you for it.
  2.    Repeat
Well, guess what?  You are the CEO of your career and if the above is your list, you maybe in for a period of rough waters at some point in your career.

Danny O’Rourke is going to talk about some lists he started for his past self that you can benefit from.  Every credential he has doesn’t make him qualified to give this talk.  Here are some things that did help this talk come to be:

Laid-off in Jan. 2016.

  1.  Found that going from employed to unemployed-but-ready was far harder than imagined – thought all this time was available.
  2. Spent a fair amount of time around others in a similar situation.
  3. Listened to what my outplacement company had to say.

So you can be ready for Danny’s talk, he provided his slide ahead of time. Just click the link below.

Danny OrourkePreparing for Career Transition, v5

Danny O’Rourke has been in and around Quality for 23 years with an ASQ membership spanning 10 years.  During this 23-year timeframe he has achieved his Master Black Belt, Black Belt, and Green Belt at Motorola & Motorola Solutions.  He also has previously held the certifications of ASQ Certified Quality Engineer, Certified Quality Manager, and Certified Quality Auditor.  His recent activities have focused more on internal business processes and service processes, mixing in Project Management roles as well.

Across the 23 years, Danny has had the opportunity to mix his Quality knowledge with R&D, customer application testing, marketing, domestic and international suppliers, NPD projects, proto-type manufacturing, call-center operations, and field service.

Danny has remained a curious learner and seeks out various information sources about innovation, business success, and personal success.  Despite an industry attachment like Quality, Danny has dabbled in a few non-adjacent areas like writing comedy, doing stand-up, and starting his own business.

Post-Dinner Speaker: Find out how the Section is serving members.  We’ll also nominate people for Leadership (Officers),  and talk about Awards.

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