In Remembrance Deborah Anne Schrier-Blosser by Frances Blosser


Deborah Anne Schrier-Blosser

Jan 19, 1980-Aug 9, 2016

annMost knew her as Anne.  Some knew her as Kitty.  She “found” her interest in a Quality career while working in Michigan for a Die Casting company.  Like many Quality professionals, a career wasn’t her goal when she took that inspection job but she liked the work and aspired to become a Quality professional.

Anne moved to Illinois a few years ago and came as a guest to an ASQ 1212 meeting. She was amazed by the variety of Quality specialties she found in ASQ’s membership. She volunteered for a short time with the section.  Anne found work at Zebra Technologies in Vernon Hills as a Quality Technician and later at Allied Plastics as a Quality Inspector where she studied to be an Internal Auditor.  She was also studying to pass the CQPA Certified Quality Process Analyst) exam.

This spring she suffered a stroke.  No cause was found despite extensive testing.  She seemed to recover quickly and made steady strides in rehab. Her goal remained fixed on passing the CQPA in December.  Her respiratory system did not seem to recover so quickly and pneumonia put her in the hospital in July.  Antibiotics, nebulizer, and inhalers occupied much of her time but she continued her stroke rehab and her CQPA studies.

On August 7, she felt ill and collapsed from respiratory difficulty. She was taken to the hospital but died on August 9, 2016. She was a wife, mother, daughter, student, singer, and an artist.  She had a zest for life.  She was loved. She will be missed by her husband, her daughter, all her family, and her friends.

But this is not where the story ends because from a small child Anne made it clear if she died we were to give her organs to save others.  So now she lives on in at least 2 others, and more will be helped with tissues and research.  Her generous love for others goes on.

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