Message from the Chair, October 2016

DSC05510.jpgHello fellow ASQers!  The summer has drawn to a close, and the first days of autumn are nigh.  This is when we really start to dig into the ASQ season, with all of its educational programs and offerings to our members.  This is also a time when people settle into their routines with work and school, and life becomes more predictable.

It is this very predictability that may give us a few hours, here and there, to volunteer ourselves to the section.  In September’s meeting, I underscored the importance of people getting involved to make this a vibrant, healthy section.  I discussed the benefits, and I discussed the roles we are seeking to fill (Online Meeting Assistant and Development Chair).

The October meeting is a free meeting, but we in exchange, we  want your feedback and effort to brainstorm new ideas to add even more value to our section.  We will ponder the following four questions, and, with your help, identify the best answers:

  • What can we do to attract young talent?
  • What topics do you want to cover at quality forums and study groups?
  • What incentives can our section offer to get more people involved?
  • What other ideas do you have to improve the section?

We want Section 1212 to be a place where you feel supported in your quality career.  Please help us to help you.



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