2017 Mini-Course from our Wisconsin sister-section

An Interrelated Look at ISO 9001:2015 


Leadership Through The Eyes of ISO 9001:2015


ASQ Section 1216  La Crosse – Winona 

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 4:00-7:30pm 

WTC Lunda Center, La Crosse, WI 

$25 Members and Guests $10 Students 





Register online at http://asq1216.pingg.com/AsqSection1216Mini by March 27. 


Presented By: Robert Freeman 

Where is your organization in implementing ISO 9001:2015? Whether you implemented immediately or are still in the process of evaluating your systems, our mini conference will give you a new take on the changes and how to improve your systems.

Bio: Robert Freeman is president of Practical Perspectives in McKinney, TX. He is a U.S. technical expert on the next revision of ISO 9004 and is a member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO Technical Committee (TC) 176. Freeman is a senior member of ASQ, a registered lead auditor for ISO 9001 and an ASQ-certified quality improvement associate.

An Interrelated Look at ISO 9001:2015 

Join us to explore the relationship of strategic direction and purpose of the management system, gain an understanding how to address requirements that lack an expectation for documented information and what maintained and retained documented information means and how to apply it effectively, learn the application of risk-based thought, understand competence versus organizational knowledge and transitioning to a business-centric management system.

Leadership Through the Eyes of ISO 9001:2015 

While some of us were losing sleep over the risk-based thinking requirements ISO 9001:2015, others realized that the role of leadership was equally critical in the implementation of the new standard. Learn how the new standard more clearly addresses the role of leadership in the organization’s management system, the importance of understanding an organization’s purpose and strategic direction within the context of the management system. Invite your leadership to join the discussion and learn about their new role.


4:00-4:15 networking and registration

4:15-5:30 An Interrelated Look at ISO 9001:2015

5:30-6:00 dinner

6:00-7:30 Leadership Through the Eyes of ISO 9001:2015


Dinner will be a choice of Chicken Marsala or Asparagus Gnocchi served with couscous and an assortment of roasted seasonal vegetables.

The Lunda Center is highlighted in blue. Parking for the Lunda Center is available in lot L.

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