Membership Meeting: June 15, 2017


The June membership meeting is at Dover Straits

890 East US Route 45, Mundelein


Pre-Meeting Presentation 5:30 – 6:00 Companion by Minitab and Minitab 18 by Jeff Harding

Dinner & Networking 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Main Presentation 7:00 – 8:00 PM Standard work is a verb: The Quality Perspective by John Allwood


Pre-Meeting Presentation – Companion by Minitab and Minitab 18 by Jeff Harding

Macro view – Why Projects Fail

Minitab’s Response – Companion by Minitab

What’s New with Minitab 18 – Add functionality and features in the newly released version

 Bio: I am Jeff Harding the Regional Sales Manager for Minitab representing the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.  We recently opened an office in downtown Chicago in September where I am officed along with 6 other Minitab representatives and growing!  Our goal is to be closer to our customers to provide a better resource and support our customers.  I started with Minitab when they opened the office here in Chicago but I have a background of over a decade in software and technology sales.  My goal is to be a consultant to my customers to help them achieve their project goals through Minitab.

Main Presentation – Standard work is a verb: The Quality Perspective by John Allwood

In this presentation (based on the book, “Standard Work is a Verb: A Playbook for LEAN Manufacturing”) John demonstrates how Standard Work is a driving component in LEAN as well as its historical presence in the LEAN movement. He shows us what it looks like in practical applications and how Standard Work can be used to impact modern Quality concerns such as Quality at the Source; Continuous Improvement; Root Cause Corrective Action; etc. John provides specific examples of how he uses Standard Work to address such concerns successfully.

Bio: John Allwood was introduced to the Toyota production system while working at Tuthill Pump, Alsip Illinois in the 1990’s. That is where he met Bob Pentland, who is featured in Chapter 8 of Womak’s “LEAN Thinking” book. In 1998 Bob was brought in as the company’s LEAN consultant, and shortly thereafter, Tuthill Corporation began a ten year transformation to The Tuthill Business System; this under the watchful eye of Mr. Pentland.

John was appointed Tuthill Pump’s Change Agent early in the journey, and served as such for the next eight years. He then transitioned into serving as Product Line Manager over and entire value stream including 5 machining cells and an assembly cell. After that, John took his LEAN show on the road, serving in engineering and management positions and found that LEAN was not very well understood from the Standard Work perspective, apart from the company where he had spent the previous decade. John also encountered and received training in several “LEAN interpretations”, all of which conspicuously lacked in the focus on Standard Work. John has had to come up with creative ways in which to practice LEAN and promote Standard Work upstream as the opportunity has presented itself.

Over the years, John has also developed a strong sense of what it takes for an organization to make the transition to an enterprise that is BEing LEAN instead of just DOing LEAN things. The failure modes that have gotten in the way of change have provided as many valuable lessons as the successful endeavors have. The one thing that John has learned over the years is that DO-ing leads to BE-ing and that activity is the best medicine for dealing with the fear of change. This has led him to write the book, “Standard Work is a Verb: A Playbook for LEAN Manufacturing”.

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