Make Time to Share Your Awesomeness by Gina Kotz, CSQE (ASQ Section 1212 member)

The scene repeats itself many times over. A person wakes up one day and they go to a job. By the end of the day, they find themselves looking for a new job.

Sound familiar? Although losing a source of income isn’t a laughing matter, isn’t it funny that the expressions are so demeaning? “I lost my job.” (Does it mean it’s misplaced?) “I was downsized.” (Does that mean you lost a few inches in height? And if you were promoted instead, does it mean you were supersized?)

In all seriousness, as saying goes: When a door closes, somewhere a window opens.

Several years ago (twice, in fact), I was part of “reductions in force” from two different telecommunications companies within a three-year period. (Talk about technology / dot com bubbles bursting!)

As the buzz phrase goes…Just like CEOs run (and fail to run) businesses, you, too, should run your career like a (successful!) business. When you are “in search” or “just looking”, it’s time to become your own CEO, CFO, and name whatever C-Suite name you can think of. It’s time to get to work, and Job 1 is to Share Your Awesomeness.

If the last time you looked for a job was 2008 or earlier, then make sure you Share Your Awesomeness is on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other places online. The playing field has changed exponentially since then. Online represents the best free means to share your awesomeness with those you know and with those you haven’t met yet but you’d like to meet.

As an example, if your LinkedIn background image is the default blue “connect the dots” image…Then you most likely need to give your LinkedIn presence some love.

There are many out there who can show you how to create and update your online presence. I help facilitate workshops on Job Search and help people create, enhance, and update their LinkedIn profiles. I also help people pursue their dreams as an accountability coach. Whether your goals are corporate-related or otherwise, it all starts with the decision to say “Yes”.

Whether you are currently employed or “in search”:

Say “Yes” to You and refresh your LinkedIn or other online profiles. There are step-by-step ways to do this. Unearth as many performance evaluations as you can find for your awesome accomplishments that your manager brags to their manager about how great you are. (And there are settings so your updates aren’t annoyingly broadcast to the world that you just fixed a typo or updated your photo, for example.)

Say “Yes” to getting (and giving!) recommendations. If you don’t have at least 3 to 5 on your LinkedIn page, get those. Recommendations (and anything online, really), work for you 24/7. And offer to return the favor if you can recommend your “recommender”, too, about something relevant to them, as well.

As with any loss (if you find yourself in search), a period of mourning the loss of employment is definitely a good practice. The less “baggage” you carry to your next opportunity, the better.

Now go get started on your future—Sharing Your Awesomeness is just the boost to get you one step closer to your next great Chapter of Opportunity!

Gina is a technical writer in healthcare and technology with 17+ years of experience. Her passions include networking, process improvement, technical writing, and regulatory compliance. By night, Gina blogs, speaks, teaches, volunteers and helps others find their voice, tools, and resources to pursue their life’s dreams. She enjoys frisbee golf, travel, foreign films, reading, and spending time with her family and their two dogs and one cat. She is thrilled to be a part of the ASQ community. Ms. Kotz can be reached at LinkedIn: or

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