Section Maintenance

Policy & Procedure Document Number S 02.00 Revision A – 03/01/13

Section Maintenance


1.1 This policy describes the general requirements for operating an existing Section and maintaining it in good standing. This policy is applicable to all members who are involved in the leadership and operation of an ASQ Section.


2.1  It is the intent of the Society to foster the formation and maintenance of Sections in good standing to achieve the objectives of the Society and for the benefit of the Members. Board of Directors has primary responsibility for overseeing this policy.

2.2  The Society Board of Directors has the primary responsibility and authority to review and approve formation of Sections. The Regional Director has the primary responsibility to investigate and recommend formation of a Section. The SAC and SAC Chair have primary responsibility for the resolution of appeals.


3.1 A Section is any group of Regular Members who reside in a localized geographical area; share the objectives of the Society, and whose formation as a Section has been approved by the Board of Directors of the Society. Terms used in this policy conform to Policy G 35.00, Guidelines for Policy and Procedure Documentation.


4.1 A Name and Location

4.1.1 The name and location of the Section will be as stated in its most recently executed Section Operating Agreement (SOA).

4.2 Objectives

4.2.1 The objectives of this section will be advancement of the theory and practice of Quality and the allied arts and sciences, and the maintenance of high professional standing among its members. To this end, this section’s purposes will be those set forth by the Society…

4.3 Governance

4.3.1 Per the SOA, the section will be governed by the Certificate of Incorporation of the Society, by the provisions of the statutes under which the Society is incorporated, by the Bylaws of the Society, by the Society’s Policies as stated in the SOA, and by the section’s Policies.

4.4 Membership

4.4.1 Any member of the Society, in good standing, in any grade, will be eligible for affiliation with this section in the same grade (a “member”). Voting members, as defined in the Society Bylaws, will collectively be called Regular Members.

4.4.2  Termination of membership in the Society will terminate membership in this section.

4.4.3  Enrolled students in the Society, who desire affiliation with this section, will be enrolled student members in this section.

4.5 Section Leadership

4.5.1  The section will have a Leadership Committee consisting of the elected officers of this section and the committee chairs… The section Leadership Committee will have management and oversight of the affairs of the section and its relations with the Society.

4.5.2  The elected officers of the section will be: a section chair, a section secretary, and a section treasurer. Additional elected officer positions may be determined by this section (i.e., section chair-elect, or section vice chair). Members must be voting members of the Society in good standing to be eligible for elected office. The term for elected officers shall be one year beginning with the fiscal year following election. The section chair and the section treasurer may not serve more than two consecutive elected terms in that position.

4.5.3  Vacancies in elected officer positions, except for the section chair, may be filled by appointment by the section chair with the approval of the Leadership Committee. Vacancy of the section chair position will be filled by the next ranking elected officer, in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, or the section’s Policy, if applicable. Vacancy appointments will fill the remaining unexpired term.

4.5.4  The chair will appoint committee chairs for an auditing committee, membership committee, and nominating committee. Additional committees, such as programs committee, education committee, and certification committee, may be established by this section. Leadership Committee members may not hold more than one elected office, but they may head one or more committees. Chairs of ad hoc committees are not considered to be voting members of the Leadership Committee, unless so indicated by the section’s Policies or position descriptions. All appointed committee chairs must be members in good standing of the section.

4.5.5  The minimum responsibilities for required elected and appointed positions will be identified in SAC-approved position descriptions provided by Society Headquarters. Society Headquarters will also provide position descriptions with minimum responsibilities for those non-required positions that have significant interaction with the Society. The section may only add responsibilities in addition to those described by Society Headquarters for these positions to the extent the responsibilities do not conflict with those descriptions provided by Society Headquarters. The section will maintain written position descriptions for all other positions found in the section, using position descriptions provided by Society Headquarters or their own. Such position descriptions will indicate each position’s principal authorities, responsibilities, and qualifications. All positions must be filled by section members in good standing.

4.5.6  Liaison will be maintained between this section and the Society regarding section membership and certification activities.

4.5.7  The section will complete and maintain a current roster of Leadership Committee members with ASQ. Information will be provided to Society Headquarters by the date specified each year. Updates to the roster are made as they occur. All Leadership Committee members will submit e-mail addresses, if available, for communication purposes with Society Headquarters. E-mail addresses will be used by Society Headquarters for disseminating volunteer information.

4.6  Election of Officers


4.6.1  The section chair, with the approval of the Leadership Committee, will appoint the members of the section nominating committee. This committee will call for nominations from the general section membership at least 30 days in advance of the presentation of their nominees. The nominating committee will nominate, at a minimum, one eligible candidate for each elected position. Nominations from the general section membership will require the submission of a nomination petition to the section secretary prior to the date published. The minimum number of required petition signatures from Regular Members varies based on section size, and is the lower of at least four percent of Regular section members (based on the previous year’s June section membership) or 10 members.

4.6.2  If there is not more than one nominee for an elected position, the nominee will be declared elected by acclamation at the next regular meeting of this section. Any contested positions will be resolved through an election. Such election will be conducted in the manner deemed appropriate by the Leadership Committee (i.e., by regular mail, electronic mail, by ballot at a section meeting, etc.). The nominee with a plurality of the votes of the members will be declared elected. Elections must be held no later than a date that is certain to meet the requirements specified in the Society Policies.

4.7 Removal from Office

4.7.1 Personnel in all Leadership Committee positions may be removed from office in accordance with Society Policies addressing the removal of section officers.

4.8  Financial

4.8.1  The fiscal year of this section will coincide with the fiscal year of the Society.

4.8.2  Each member of this section will pay annual dues in connection with such member’s annual membership in the section by invoice received from the Society. Said invoices will be payable to the Society.

4.8.3  A portion of the annual membership dues paid to the Society by members affiliated with the section will be allocated and paid to the section for use as approved by the Leadership Committee, subject to section and Society governing policies.

4.9  Reporting Requirements and Internal Review

4.9.1  The section will publish a listing of this section’s elected officers, the names of each section committee, and a listing of the names and contact information of each individual member of the Leadership Committee and of each section committee. The names and member numbers of each of the required officers and required committee chairs (at a minimum) will be reported to the Society by the prescribed deadline. See also 4.5.7.

4.9.2  The section will create an annual business plan, aligned with the Society’s strategic direction. The annual business plan will include this section’s goals for the year and will contain a listing of the various proposed activities. Section goals and objectives should align with the strategic themes documented in the Society’s living strategy. A copy of the annual business plan will be provided to the Society upon the Society’s request. The annual business plan (or a summary) will be made available to all section members in any manner deemed appropriate by the Leadership Committee. For example, the section may explain the annual business plan in the section’s newsletter, post it on the section’s Web site, mail it upon request, make it available at section meetings, etc. The annual business plan will be reviewed and updated as necessary by the Leadership Committee at least once each quarter.

4.9.3  The section will create an operating budget in conjunction with its preparation of the annual business plan. The section will make the section operating budget available to all members in the same manner in which it makes the annual business plan available to members. The operating budget will serve as a planning document defining projected section expenses and revenues for the upcoming year.

4.9.4  The section will create an annual report that includes information regarding the section’s membership numbers, financial performance, and progress toward annual goals as specified in the annual business plan. The annual report will contain membership numbers, including at a minimum, the total number of section members at the beginning and at the end of each fiscal year. Financial performance items detailed in the annual report will minimally include total revenue and expenses of this section for each fiscal year. The annual report will be provided to the Society upon the Society’s request. The section will make such annual report (or a summary) available to all members in the same manner in which it makes the annual business plan available to members. The report need not be lengthy or exhaustive.

4.9.5  The section will conduct an annual internal review of its financial records. Such internal review will be conducted by the auditing committee in accordance with Society Policies for financial reporting and auditing committee guidelines. The results of such internal review will be submitted to the Society by the prescribed deadline.

4.9.6  The section will report its cash-on-hand position to the Society as directed on a quarterly basis, and by the prescribed deadlines.

4.10  Meetings and Activities

4.10.1  The Leadership Committee will meet at least once each calendar quarter. This meeting may be held in a variety of ways (in person, via conference call, electronically using the internet, other methods deemed appropriate, or any combination of methods). The section will prepare meeting minutes (or a summary) of each Leadership Committee meeting and will make such minutes (or summary) available to all members. The Leadership Committee may make the meeting minutes (or summary) available to members in a variety of ways (i.e., upon request, in the section newsletter, posted on Web site, etc.).

4.10.2  As a minimum, two section elected officers and an additional 25% of the members of the Leadership Committee will constitute a quorum of the Leadership Committee for the transaction of business. If a quorum is not present, the meeting may be held for informational purposes only. No action requiring the approval of the section Leadership Committee may be taken. Section Policy may require a larger number of Leadership Committee members to constitute a quorum.

4.10.3  The section will provide a minimum of one communication piece to its members each calendar quarter for the purpose of updating section members regarding section activities. Such communication piece may be a newsletter, mailing, Web site posting, e-mail notice, etc. This communication piece should be available to each member, regardless of delivery channel.

4.10.4  The section will provide at least four professional development events each year. Examples include speakers, panel discussions, workshops, seminars, conferences, networking events, etc.

4.11  Subsections, Student Branches, and Task Groups

4.11.1 Subsections of this section may be organized in accordance with the Society Policies for subsection formation and maintenance for the purpose of promoting interest in quality and related subjects in geographical areas supported by the section. Upon proper qualification of any subsection, it will be the policy of the section to assist said subsection, by every reasonable means, to attain its objectives.

4.11.2  Student branches of this section may be organized, in accordance with Society Policies for student branch formation and maintenance, for the purpose of promoting interest in qualityand related subjects. It will be the policy of this section to assist and support any sponsored student branch, by every reasonable means, to meet its objectives.

4.11.3 Section task groups may be organized to promote common interest in a specific segment of industry or commerce. The Leadership Committee will consider and may recognize section task groups upon petition of at least eight members. The section task group may elect any officers, except treasurer, and the task group chair will be a member of the Leadership Committee. The finances of all section task groups will be controlled by the section Leadership Committee, with the section treasurer serving as the primary treasurer of all section task groups.

4.12  Section Dissolution

4.12.1  It is the intent of the Society to use reasonable and prudent efforts to assist any section that is struggling or otherwise in distress in order to protect the rights and privileges of members, provide expected services, and protect the financial funds and legal status of the Society.

4.12.2  Sections may be dissolved in accordance with the Society Policies for section dissolution. In the event of dissolution of this section, any remainder of its net assets after discharge of all its just debts and other legal obligations will be paid to the Society.






a) New. See revision notes for S 01.00, Appendix A for previous revisions.

b) Section operating and maintenance policy and procedure, formerly detailed in text sections 1 through 12 of S 01.00, Appendix A – the SOA — were moved to this separate new policy / procedure document. This was done so that routine changes, clarifications, etc. to these policies and procedures can be made without precipitating the need for re-execution of the SOA itself by all Sections (as was the case in 2004, and again in 2009). A Section’s recognition remains per the SOA “contingent upon adoption of and compliance with all applicable Society Policies and Procedures” including those now residing in this new document.

c) section 1-12 now 4.1 – 4.12; moved section location clause to 4.1 now Name & Location; other revisions to 4.3 Government; reworded 3rd paragraph re: dues under 4.8 Fi

d) added 4.9.6 re: cash reporting


Owner Reviewed by Approved by

Section Affairs Council Bylaws Committee Board of Directors

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