Policies and Procedures

Policy No. AD-01
Issue Date: 12-08-2005
Superseded: New


1.0           Scope

1.1            To describe the policy and procedure system for the Section.
2.0           Responsibility

2.1            Section Bylaws Chair is responsible for this policy and coordinating the Section Policies and Procedures (the “Section Policies”).
3.0           Definitions

3.1            None
4.0           Procedure

4.1            Section Policies shall not conflict with the provisions of the Section Operating Agreement.

4.2            Any Section member may propose a new policy and/or procedure or an amendment to an existing Section Policy to the Section Leadership Committee (SLC). All Section Policies and amendments must be approved by the Section Leadership Committee. No vote of the Section membership is required.

4.3            All Policies and Procedures shall follow the same format which is available as a Policy Template. Each policy is identified by a Policy Number which consists of two letters describing the functional area and two digits for sequentially assigning policies within the functional area. Although policies are controlled by Issue Date which is the date approved by the SLC, extra digits may be used in a file name to designate an electronic version of the document. Approved Section Policies will be signed by the Section Chair and Section Secretary; however, electronic versions of approved policies may have typed approved date and signatures that correspond to the original document.

4.4            Each Section Policy will have the responsible party indicated. The responsibility for a Section Policy would be a specific position on the SLC; however, some policies may be the responsibility of the entire SLC.

4.5            The Section will communicate Section Policies to the Section members. This communication could be through any appropriate means such as the Section newsletter or website.
















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