Position Description

Title: Position Descriptions Policy No. OR-03
    Issue Date: 10-10-2013
    Superseded: 12-08-2005



1.0           Scope

1.1            To supplement Section 4.5.4 of American Society for Quality Policy S 02.00, Section Maintenance, in describing positions within the Section.
2.0           Responsibility

2.1            Section Leadership Committee is responsible for this policy.
3.0           Definitions

3.1            None
4.0           Procedure

4.1            The Section Leadership Committee shall consist of elected officers of this Section, the Committee Chairs, and any Section Task Group Chairs.

4.2            The current list of committees within the Section are as follows:




Advance Program




Certification Examination Proctors


Newsletter Editor

SMP Coordinator

Internet Liaison



4.3            The current Section Task Group within the Section is the ISO Support Group.

4.4            The Section shall maintain written position descriptions for all positions found in the Section. Such position descriptions shall indicate each position’s principal authorities, responsibilities, and qualifications. The Section may use position descriptions provided by Society Headquarters or develop its own. However, the Section may only add responsibilities in addition to those described by Society Headquarters for those positions to the extent the responsibilities do not conflict with those descriptions provided by Society Headquarters.

4.5            The Section will communicate Section Position Descriptions to the Section members. This communication could be through any appropriate means such as the Section newsletter or website.

Revision Level Revision Date Revision Comments
01 12-08-2005 First issue.
02 10-10-2013 Revised Scope from Section Operating Agreement to ASQ Policy 02.00. Deleted NIQC committee.



Approved by Section Leadership Committee on 10-10-2013.


Section Chair­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ James Schlichting

Section Secretary Jeffrey Wright            .

Signed Signatures on File



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