Vacancy of Office

Policy No.


Issue Date:




1.0           Scope

1.1            To supplement Section 5.3 of the Section Operating Agreement in describing how to fill vacancies in elected officer positions.

2.0           Responsibility

2.1            Section Leadership Committee is responsible for this policy.

3.0           Definitions

3.1            None

4.0           Procedure

4.1            Vacancies in elected officer positions, except for the Section Chair, may be filled by appointment by the Section Chair with the approval of the Section Leadership Committee.

4.2            Vacancy of the Section Chair position shall be filled by the next ranking elected officer in the following order:  Section Chair‑Elect, Section Secretary, and Section Treasurer.

4.3            Vacancy appointments shall fill the remaining unexpired term.

4.4            If the case of a vacancy in the office of Section Chair and the Section Chair-Elect succeeded to the Chair position, he/she may continue in the office of Section Chair for one full year beyond the end of the fiscal year as intended when he/she was elected as Chair-Elect.  The office of Chair-Elect is considered vacant until the next fiscal year when normally filled by election.

4.5            When the Section Chair-Elect position is vacant, the Section Chair may, with the approval of the Section Leadership Committee, appoint a person to serve as a Vice Chair for the balance of the term.  When the vacancy is not a result of premature succession to the Chair and therefore there is no Chair-Elect to serve as Chair for the ensuing fiscal year, at the next regular election both a Section Chair and Section Chair-Elect shall be elected by the Section membership.